By Josh Amidon

In the world of marketing, social media is a baby. Social media is so new, many business owners don’t know how to harness it to it’s fullest potential. Let’s look at the most important steps for an effective social media marketing plan.      

Truly Look At Your Current Social Presence
Before you strategize about where you are headed, take a quick look at where you are. A few areas to consider when auditing your business’s social media presence are:

·         Which networks are you currently active on

·         Are your networks optimized

·         Which networks are currently bringing you the most value

·         How do your profiles compare to your competitors’ profiles


Know Who Your Ideal Customer Is
We covered this is my last article – you have to know who your ideal customer is before approaching social media marketing.

Even the best marketing geniuses will fail if they are marketing to the wrong audience.

Create A Social Media Mission Statement
This step might sound lame and self-important, but your social media mission statement will drive your future actions, so make sure you put some thought into it. This statement will make it clear exactly what you plan to use your social media presence for and should reflect your brand identity. Keep in mind your ideal customer when trying to create this statement.

I have a personal and professional social media mission statement. Every time I hit “post” I ask myself, is this communication falling in-line with my mission statement? If the answer is no, I start over.

Track, Analyze & Adjust

This might be the most important step. Trial and error is key to any social media plan. It might seem basic, but tracking your results, analyzing the data and then making tweaks to optimize them is crucial. Get to know your social media platforms analytics programs – they’ll be your BFF in the world of social media.

In the end know the social media world is vast and confusing. If you need help along the way – please feel free to reach out by calling me at (315) 258-8780 or email