Kimberly S. Manrow, EA

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Kim is the mastermind behind the cooperative and several of the AFG Member Companies.  A serial entrepreneur driven to provide services and products that support the Small Business Sector.  Kim is tireless in her ambition to create better options for the “backbone of our economy”.  As CEO, she is responsible for vision, strategy and planning, in addition to Oversight Management.

Angie Ware

Executive Assistant & Project Manager

Angie is truly our Command Central and the one "in the know".  Angie will also be your main contact for all AFG Member Companies.  She will guide you through utilizing our services and is responsible for all co-op rental services and client scheduling.  Angie is a dedicated professional focused on making your experience with us meet your expectations.

Josh Amidon

Marketing and Sales Manager

Josh is a driving force on the Sales and Marketing front.  He is responsible for all marketing for the inner circle of AFG companies, in addition, to being a major player in Custom Business Services. Josh will be your go to for sharing new opportunities, cross-selling services and educational events.

To learn more about ASTER Financial Group please contact us at 315-258-8780 or email Angie Ware.